1Q.  How long has the winery been in business?           

1A.  Applewood Winery has been in business for 15 years


2Q. Are all the wines made here?

2A. Yes, all of Applewood wines are made here.


3Q. When are you open?

3A.  The winery is open April-December, Saturday and Sundays from 11-5


4Q.  How many acres is the land?

4A. 90, 40 are currently Apple Orchard and 10 are being planted to vineyard


5Q. What is a WINO?

5A. A Wino is a person that loves our wine and sits by the door waiting for their quarterly mailing of 2 bottles of our fantastic wine.


6Q. Can anybody be a WINO member?

6A. As long as you love our wines, have a NY or CT shipping address and have a       credit card. 


7Q. How many bottle does the winery produce a year?

7A. Currently about 45,000


8Q. How do you pronounce Shawangunk?

8A. Shawangunk is pronounced “Shawn-gum” But we just tell people “To get Gunked”!


9Q. How many wineries are on the Shawangunk trail?

9A. There are 11 winery that are part of the trail


10Q. Do you have a website?

10A. Yes we do www.applewoodwinery.com  We also have a facebook page.  Please join Applewood Winery on facebook and check out our website for any upcoming events, releases of new wines and new news about Applewood Winery.